About tow years ago I had an operation to fix my eyesight. Before that I was using contact lenses, so often and for so long hoers that I was really starting to worry for my eyes. However, I really didn’t feel comfortable wearing glasses; I didn’t like how thy feel and how I thought they made me look.

And so I approach Prof. Zirm, in my ongoing effort to get reed of my glasses. When I first met him I remember a set of throw exams and checks and after that, the one thing I wanted to hear: “yes, we can help you”. And he was right. He could and he did. long story short,I don’t need glasses any more, I’m not using contact lenses, and I don’t need to fear about hearting my eyes so much. In one of the followups checks Prof. Zirm asked me where are my glasses. I had no clue, and I still don’t, since the day I last took them off I never thought about them again, and never had any problem with my eyesight to make me think about them.

My life become easier without glasses or contacts. No need to take them off before sleep, or on, first thing in the morning.. no worry of them getting broken wile I’m doing sports, and no problem just jumping to the pool or getting in the sea. Living without them really improve my quality of living and for that I’m so thank full to Prof. Zirm and his team.

O. Shahar


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