I happened to reach to this doctor on a busy day and they squeezed me in though fully overbooked due to my concern. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get an appointment, but this Doctor and his team were kind and considerate to take me in last minute knowing my concern. His professional team helped me through all the initial checks, extremely friendly and kind, and finally reached to the Doctor Mathias Zirm. He was truly one of these doctors, that you find a spark that calms you down naturally, and you can feel the connect. The way they tested everything and the reassurances they gave on my eyes made me feel good after a very stressful day. He is truly professional, kind and gives a feeling of being cared for. His years of experience and his calm composure, explaining the fine details and giving tips on the issue was fantastic. He is extremely friendly and funny! I would recommend this doctor to everyone who wants to feel special and treated the best with no compromise!


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